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We work closely with venues to ensure guests have all the information they need. Please get in touch with our friendly team at the Barrie Wells Trust for further queries.

Nomination procedure

Anyone aged 18 or above can nominate a child for an event – a parent/guardian, medical professional, social worker, relative or friend. If the parent/guardian is not the nominator, we request that the parent/guardian of the child is informed before the nomination form is submitted.
Seriously ill and disabled children aged 8 – 18. For entertainment events we accept children who are 6 years old or over.
You can apply directly on our website or by sending a completed nomination form to us via email or post.
Due to the popularity of Box4Kids events and the scheme relying on boxes being donated, unfortunately we cannot guarantee that you will be offered an event or an event of your choice.
Box4Kids is an initiative organised by the Barrie Wells Trust which provides children and a family member with the opportunity to watch sports and entertainment as a VIP from an executive box.

In order to create VIP Box4Kids experiences, we rely on the donation of executive boxes from companies and box holders. We have events across 10 different sports (football, rugby union, rugby league, horseracing, cricket, athletics, tennis, formula 1, ice hockey, basketball) and at entertainment arenas.

You will hear from us once we can offer an event – if you do not hear from us that does not mean that you have been unsuccessful.

Please note that we cannot respond to every enquiry and cannot guarantee an event with every application.

For all sports and entertainment events, a child is allowed to bring one guest who must be aged 18 or over and take full responsibility for the child they are accompanying. For our Jockey Club Family Day events we are able to offer a child three additional guests (either one adult & two children OR two adults & one child).

Before the event…

Your invitation will be sent out approximately 1-2 weeks before the event. We ask that you please confirm your attendance to the event by the date given. In some cases when we are given a box last minute, you may receive your invitation less than a week before the event… do not worry though as we will ensure you have all the necessary information before the day.
In some cases the venue will provide the Barrie Wells Trust with disabled car parking permits in advance, however these are usually very limited. Please do not contact the venue for parking as we will have already pre-arranged this if it is possible. We advise you pre-book parking in advance or contact us directly.
All venues will cater for specific dietary requirements, so please notify us as soon as possible if you have any requirements.
Yes, as long as they are 18 years old or over. Please inform us of your guest change straight away as we may need to notify the venue.
No, as Box4Kids is centred on creating a VIP experience for seriously ill and disabled children we only allow one guest per child.
If for any reason you are unable to attend the event, then please contact us as soon as possible on 07932 420552. That way we may be able to arrange for another deserving child to take up your place.

On the day…

Dress codes differ at each venue. All relevant information regarding the dress code for your Box4Kids event will be included in your invitation.
All relevant information regarding parking will be sent to you with your tickets. The venue’s website will also provide you with all necessary information.
Your Box4Kids experience will usually include food and a welcome drink; any further refreshments you require can be purchased on the day. You may also want to buy merchandise or a programme from the event.
Your Box4Kids event will include a delicious selection of food and refreshments on offer, the chance to meet other deserving children like yourself and watch a spectacular show or sporting event in VIP style.

*To ensure you are best prepared for your Box4Kids event, we recommend that you also check the venue’s website for up to date information.


It is lovely that you would like to tell us all about the Box4Kids event you attended. Please send it to the following email or postal address:-

Post:    Barrie Wells Trust, CityLab, 4-6 Dalton Square, Lancaster, LA1 1PP

Firstly, we are delighted that you would like to be involved with Box4Kids; we are always looking for new opportunities that we can offer to deserving children throughout the UK. To get in contact please email; or call the office on 01524 590600.
It is great that you would like to be part of our growing Box4Kids initiative. To get in contact please email; or call the office on 01524 590600.
Unfortunately Box4Kids does not take personal requests for a child to attend an event. We have fantastic links with over 70 hospitals & hospices around the country with a set procedure in place as to the nomination of deserving children for Box4Kids events.

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